the senior source

The mission of The Senior Source is to enhance the overall quality of life and empower ALL older adults in greater Dallas to THRIVE.

George Dunham and Wade Bowen perform at JubJam 2016, benefiting Senior Source.

George Dunham and Wade Bowen perform at JubJam 2016, benefiting Senior Source.


"It all started when...

... my siblings and I were caring for my parents, who unfortunately were both bedridden at the end of their lives. Fortunately, they were well cared for with in-home, around-the-clock attention. That experience really opened my eyes to the importance of consistent, capable care for the elderly. It made me wonder how other people in my parents' condition are able to manage if they don't have the resources they need. Shortly after Dad passed in 2004, I began researching organizations that supported seniors. That's when I found the Senior Source. Their mission is to provide resources and help for seniors who need it most.

To honor Mom and Dad, I knew I wanted to raise awareness for The Senior Source. In 2006, we completed our first project, a piggy bank collection with a local bank. That was great, but I wanted to do more. Soon after forming The Bird Dogs, we began brainstorming ways to use music to help the cause. And that's how JubJam began. Our first concert was in 2011. Fast forward to today... 2017 is our 6th Annual JubJam. 

What began as a small tribute concert has now transformed into a premier event featuring the biggest names in Texas country. Thanks to the generous support of the P1s and our sponsors, The Senior Source receives thousands of dollars every year to help seniors in need. I think Mom and Dad would like that."  -- George Dunham